Tankless Water Heaters


Brand new technology called “Advance Condensing” has advanced the tankless water heater science by lowering the needed gas volume to operate a tankless water heater safely as well as efficiently has become a reality.

We can now use your existing 1/2″ gas piping already located at your existing tank-type water heater location, preventing the costly expense of installing a new larger gas line from your gas meter to your new tankless location, in addition we now only requiring a 2″ PVC pipe, yes that’s right, a PVC plastic vent flue pipe. Vent temperatures are now about 113 deg. you can touch the vent. These two advancements have lowered the installation cost up to 50% saving or greater, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in installation cost.

Water Heater Pros has reasonable installation package deals, because of this new and proven advance technology in tankless water heaters, they are becoming more affordable and, yes our professionally installed tankless water heaters will pass local inspection.