Tank Water Heaters

Purchasing a water heater is something most people do not do very often. Because shopping for a water heater requires consideration of many factors, it can be overwhelming. While the easiest solution is usually to replace like kind for like kind, it has likely been many years since your current water heater was installed, and water heaters have made many advancements in water heating technologies, including performance and efficiency over the years.

Remember with today’s modern advancements in technologies, it may be wise to replace your water heater and most other appliances for that matter as they become worn out, with the highest energy savings possible, often this is the EF rating, the higher the EF rating, the higher energy savings an appliance offers. Because once you’ve made that choice you’re stuck with it, and with the utility rates costing more than ever, it a smart choice to go tankless if you have gas or hybrid if you have electric.

We encourage you to take the time to find the best hot water solution for your family and current needs by using our easy guide below.

Ask yourself these 8 questions
1. Is my existing water heater a gas or electric model?
2. How many bathrooms with shower heads do I have?
3. How large is my family now and is my family growing?
4. Where is my water heater located and what size will fit?
5. What are my up-front costs for a tankless water heater?
6. How long will it take to re-coup my up-front cost for a tankless?
7. How long will my family be living in this home?
8. Are there any Federal, State, or Utility companies current rebate programs?
9. Simply call us at 916-344-4500 we will come to your home and give you a worry-free written quote.